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Guest Reviews

19 June 2010

The staff, the decor, the food and the people all conspire to create an amazing hostel experience that is unforgettable to this weary traveller. Thank you for all care & hospitality that you’ve provided! – Jason. C. Reed NY USA

This place is awesome! Thanks so much for everything- all the advice, all the help organising and all the drunken chats. One of the best hostels I have stayed in.  Thanks again, Mark, England

What a great experience! Thanks so much for all the suggestions these last few days. By far one of my most memorable hostel stays.  Cheers, Shane, Vancouver, Canada

What a beautiful and warm place you have. Thank you very much for sharing your home and making this a memorable trip.  Cape Town is still my favourite city in SA and I will come back – Joe Florez, San Franciso,Ca

27 June 2010

Obviouzly Armchair is run like a family. They take you in, make sure you are happy, and are always willing to go the extra mile to help make everything all right.  I stayed for nine nights and felt as if I had become a part of the family.  I thank them for all of their kindness, hospitality and friendly nature. I will be back at some point and will miss them all very much – Eric Jones, USA

28 June 2010

After having spent the last month staying at various hostels all over Europe I can confidently say that none took care of me the way Obviouzly Armchair did. From greeting me by my name the first day to giving me an orange when I said I was feeling a bit under the weather, my mother would be pleased by how well I was treated here. Thank you so much!! – Allison, USA