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DimensionX is great for Quantity Surveyors because it provides a single integrated environment for capturing dimensions making the management and control of the costs associated with a construction project that much easier. Digital workflows dramatically reduce the reliance on paper...

Download software and sample files and go through a product walkthrough to discover the benefits of dimesnionX for yourself.

We have several tools that assist with the take off in DWG, DXF and DWF files. Block Recognition and Poly-line Recognition for area and length measurement, automatic object counts, and of course we have really good tools to take the pain out of layers.

Making use of smart estimating technology, faster turn-around means less time spent measuring, verifying and more time spent running your business.
dimensionX 4.1 is the latest release in the Dimtronix range of world-class on-screen measurement software. It features several new important measurement functions and provides support for new technologies and formats such as 64-bit operation, Unicode for international character sets, IFC 4 files and 3D PDFs.
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Support for Windows 8. Support for AutoCAD 2013 DWG file format.
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The release of version 3.31 is the latest innovation in the dimensionX range of products, which is fast becoming the new industry standard in onscreen takeoff software. The 3.31 release is available for all customers under maintenance and includes the following significant changes:
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NEW RELEASE 3.30 - Support for Industry Foundation Classes
Support for Industry Foundation Classes (IFC 2x2, 2x3) data models. IFC is recognised worldwide as the most commonly used interoperable file format for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and is supported by all major CAD software vendors.
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NEW RELEASE 3.21 !!!
This new version of dimensionX has a major upgrade to the drawing engine which loads much faster & manages the memory much better. Get your copy now

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Going Paperless Is Good.

Paperless systems increase workflow. Everyone has access to the latest revisions instantly. Distribute reportss via e-mail for speed and efficiency. Electronic searching for information is fast. No drawing printing costs. No paper storage costs. Go Green! Make your operation more eco-friendly.
Use Your Drawings. Get Your Dimensions.

Go further by easily capturing awkward areas in seconds. Intelligently count similar objects. Quantify your project quickly and accurately no CAD required.
Save Money. Save Time.

Dramatically reduce measuring time. Produce reports with a click of a button. Get to your drawings quickly. Changes to you project are kept up-to-date automatically. Access your archived data in a flash.
Making All The Right Decisions.

Eliminating errors gives you quality data to work with. Find out what you’re dealing with. Scope and cost transparency makes the issues clear. Increase Quality Assurance with greater accountability. Be confident with the certainty of outcomes. Reduce your price risk.

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